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What distinguishes us from others is the special care we take in making our students and their parents feel comfortable through the entire education journey. While others counsel students and cruise through the paperwork, we adopt the students and the parents as our own family, welcoming their questions and confusions, alleviating their fears and easing them into taking the most important step in their careers.

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The Admission Journey

We approach the student’s university application process with great diligence, paying meticulous attention to details right from profiling the student, selecting the best-fit programmes and universities, filling out application forms, encouraging high standards in student SOPs, completing student medical and visa formalities, guiding the parents through their financial commitments, leading to briefings on pre-travel preparations.

Care and Counselling

Our Services at a Glance

Preliminary Telephonic Counselling:

After receiving your contact details from the Query Form, a senior executive will be assigned, who will provide information and brief guidance to you, over a phone call. This is the first step towards addressing your career requirements and helping us align them with the resources available to you.

Academic Aptitude Testing:

After a brief telephonic interview, you will be asked to take an aptitude test, so that we can get more insight into your academic leanings. This will not be a traditional ‘examination’, but rather an exercise to help us understand you better.

In-Person Academic Counselling:

Once you’re through the test, we would have pulled out practical data to help you find the perfect course and university.

Information and guidance:

We will share our detailed report with you.

Recommending the right courses:

A detailed list of the right courses for you.

Selecting the right universities:

Since a particular course might be available in multiple Universities, we will take you through the process of finding the most viable option for you.

End To End Academic Documentation Processing:

Legal and academic paperwork from the start to end.

Student Visas:

Application to procurement.


Subject to eligibility and availability.

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