The Admission Process

The university admission process differs from person to person, situation to situation. However, the journey is usually a linear progression which begins with the student’s interests, academic history and aptitude. The entire process is broken into three major segments:

  • The beginning of the journey
  • Care and counselling
  • Post-admission care and counselling

The Beginning of the Journey

From the moment you have spoken to our senior executive, we begin assessing your career and academic requirements – so that we can help you materialise them. There are a few brief steps that you will go through during this process.

The Knowing Stage:

A brief introduction to studying abroad, what it means and implies.

The Wishlist Stage – What are you passionate about?

Very often parents and students have specific locations, geographic settings, countries, courses and universities in mind and we try to accommodate those preferences.

The Assessment Stage – Testing your comfort zone:

Academic assessment of the student.

The Research Stage – We can help:

Our team of experts take the wish list and the assessment results to help them thoroughly research and curate a list of universities.

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